Magpie Eye Biography


A magpie who liked reading and museums a little too much lined his nest with treasures others had missed. As his knowledge grew, so too did the number of treasures he saw that others seemed to miss. As the treasures piled on him, he changed from a track pants and black t-shirt guy into a 3 piece suit man with a jadeite pendant, a turquoise bead bracelet, and a platinum tie pin.

Fine china from an estate sale costs the same as a plastic cup set from Target. A tie from Neiman Marcus costs the same as a jadeite pendant, or an amber necklace. People drink from a $2 plastic cup but reject a $2 crystal goblet because they think a good cup is too good for ordinary water sipping. They buy a $200 tie and reject a $200 pendant because the last tie they bought was $50 and that seems too cheap now. But a $200 tie is not 4 times, or even 2 times better than a tasteful $50 tie. A $50 tie with a $200 jade pendant of their Zodiac sign? This is an example of the sum being greater than the parts. Abraham Lincoln without a stovepipe hat is just a tall, lanky lawyer. With the hat, and he's the President.

People spend too much on fashion because they are out of ideas. Our store exists to offer ideas. To cast light on these precious parts of our inner lives. We love Buddha, but we go to work and have money so we can't want that pendant because that's an attachment? What a time to make a stand! Shouldn't we want to show strangers what we care about, quickly? Shouldn't we bring these little quirks of our inner lives out in our fashion? Quality fashion jewelry performs this task far better than designer handbags and timepieces. We offer color, variety, quality, character, and most importantly--customization. Not all jewelry suits all people. Well, suit pants might not suit me either, but I'm still going to wear them when I go to a meeting. Jewelry has no such restriction.